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Matt Murray


1381871488Matt joined our Board back in 2011 after the first hunt on the TS Ranch, and became our President in early 2013. Matt has been instrumental in making several key connections and developing the partnership with Newmont Mining Corporation and the TS Ranch. Matt’s background in marketing has led to the development of NOW’s branding materials and our logo becoming a recognizable symbol for mobility impaired hunters everywhere.  Living and working in the Elko area allows Matt to stay in touch with the community as well as keep an eye on the units that we hunt. Matt’s passion for NOW is obvious by the amount of work and dedication he provides to help insure that our Hunter’s and members have not only a great hunt but also the experience of the great Nevada Outdoors.

Chad Bliss

1st Vice President

6016693Past NOW president and former Nevada Wildlife Commissioner, Chad Bliss, has been with us since the beginning. Living and working in Eureka allows him a special connection with the community and surrounding area. Chad played a vital role in the early days by helping us secure tags and private ground to hunt on, he also carries NOW close to his heart. Chad’s passion for the outdoors and his belief in the human spirit are always welcome, his dedication to NOW and making sure our Hunters are comfortable and have the whole outdoor experience in critical to our organization.

Clint Bently

2nd Vice President

8113521A past Nevada Wildlife Commissioner located in Las Vegas,  Clint heard about NOW at a Nevada Department of Wildlife meeting and jumped into action.  Observing the need NOW had for transportation of gear to and from hunts, Clint donated an enclosed trailer to NOW even before we were able to obtain our non-profit status.  That trailer is still used to haul the gear we utilize on our hunts and is graced with the faces of all the hunters who have participated since the very first hunt back in 2008.  Clint is our connection to the southern part of Nevada and is expanding his influence into the state of Arizona.

Larry Johnson


915701An engineering geologist by profession, Larry was President of a geotechnical engineering and construction service consulting firm in Reno until his retirement.  While he serves on numerous professional boards and committees, his true love and life is in the Nevada outdoors.  At the time when Larry heard about the Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs he was acting President of Nevada Bighorns Unlimited.  Larry was quick to offer his assistance and  expertise to help secure not only necessary funding for our hunts, but legal and professional services as well. Larry is a true lover of the outdoors and takes great pride in sharing his knowledge of the wild game in the great state of Nevada.

Nigel Harrison

Donation Coordinator

6812649From the first hunt in 2008, Nigel has been an instrumental member of the NOW team.  Nigel first began with NOW as a volunteer, and a short time later became a contributing member of our board. Nigel brings a deep love of the outdoors together with a truly caring and nurturing nature. Together with founder Rob McMillan, they were able to  scratch together the beginnings of this organization with aspirations to “just take a couple of folks out hunting.”

Joe Doucette

Volunteer Coordinator/Food and Beverage

Doucette_HeadShotAfter spending 20 years in broadcast television news, Joe changed careers becoming a Conservation Educator for the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) in 2000. He is currently the regional supervisor for NDOW’s Conservation Education Division, stationed in Elko, in the eastern region which comprises four counties covering 35,000 square miles. A lifelong hunter and angler, he joined NOW in 2012 as the camp cook and chief bottle washer making him everyone’s friend during the hunt. As Joe likes to say, “Never trust a skinny cook.” He also helps shoot video of the hunts for use by Blue Collar Adventures.


Ronnie Jordan

Trustee- Photography/Vidoeography

4534414Ronnie first joined us on our 2011 hunt as a camera man with “Blue Collar Adventures.”  He has since become an invaluable team member and acting Treasurer of our organization.  Ronnie’s passion, experience and knowledge of the area allows us to provide the best possible adventure for our hunters and guests

Tim Beaupre

Trustee-Hunter Mobility/Assistive Technology

Mike Ostler

Trustee-Asst. Food and Beverage/Hunter Mobility

Brian Burgess

Trustee-Safety/Emergency Response

Rob McMillin

Source of Inspiration

_5754205After a motorcycle accident and subsequent amputation of his right leg below the knee,  Rob was blessed with a new understanding of the value of his hunting experiences not only to his physical recovery, but emotional and spiritual healing as well.  The drive to get outdoors and do what he loves was one of his strongest motivators.  It was during his own recovery when he began to realize how fortunate he was in comparison to so many other hunters struck by much more severe disabilities.  Rob had the idea and nurtured the seed after it was planted with a few individuals and so began the Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs.

“I am often overwhelmed by the generosity of the people I’ve encountered in Nevada.  My big dream has become a big reality in ways I never could have imagined” – Rob McMillan

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I am not really sure what I want to say to you all. Right now I am as proud as anyone has ever been, and you all know why. The Austin Jones Sportsmanship Award. I guess I should tell you a little more about the man you have chosen to name this award after. Austin Jones, my youngest son. Austin has Muscular Dystrophy, which he was born with in 1996, though he wasn't diagnosed with until he was almost a year old. He started walking with some crazy braces when he was 13 months old. Life went along pretty well for a few years, Austin was all boy. Catching snakes, playing with his brother and sister and jumping off of everything even though he never one time landed on his feet. He still has thick scars on both knees to this day. Austin was a fixture at his brother Jason's baseball and football games, you could always find him in the dugout or on the sidelines. He knows more about sports than anyone I know. Maybe that's where he first learned about sportsmanship. On February 17th, 2003,By the grace of God we had just pulled into Detroit Children's Hospital for an appointment to see if Austin could have a spinal fusion. Austin had been have a lot of trouble in the preceding weeks and was on O2 to help him breath. We were running late and for the first time ever used valet parking. We went inside and got our passes, a gentleman asked where we were going and gave us directions, to the wrong place. We got to the window and I started to speak with the lady at the window when my wife Stephanie said "Oh my God his fingers are blue!" I turned him around and she said "His lips are blue too!" The lady grabbed him out of my hands and took him to a crash cart and called a code blue. It's a blur what happened next because I lost it. My wife never left his side, I on the other hand found myself locked in a small room. They saved my babies life. ( if we had been sent to the right place they didn't have a crash cart, if we hadn't used valet we would have been later. Austin was seconds from leaving this earth. You better believe in miracles.) Forty three days later we left the hospital. Austin would never breath on his own or walk again. Almost fifteen years later I have never heard him complain, not once. Life changed a lot, we adapted the best we could. Fought to keep him in regular school. Fought to overcome our fears. Fought to let him live a good life. I was scared to death, if it wasn't for my wife pushing the limits I would have never left the house with him. I met them at the lake on day and asked Stephanie where Austin was, she pointed to him and his nurse, seventy yards from shore on a jet ski. No one in their right mind would ever put someone on a ventilator on a jet ski. It's sorta dangerous. Thank God she isn't in her right mind. Austin continued to be awesome in everything he did, a great student and citizen. Hunting and archery have always been apart of our lives. I grew up without a dad but was lucky enough to read all the great magazines growing up. I don't know if it's hereditary or what but my kids were born ready to hunt. Austin is no different. It was really hard though, barely got him out ten or fifteen hours a year. Then we met Ray Brown and Wheelin' Team 457, got his trackchair and haven't stopped since. He literally spends hundreds of hours in the outdoors each year now. It was about that time we moved and Austin had to change school districts, Austin was getting ready to start his sophomore year. It was also about that time that I realized how incredibly compassionate Austin is. It was February when came home and asked if I had the money I owed him, I said sure and asked why. Austin told me they were having a penny drive for a fourth grade student with Leukemia. Austin was saving to buy a new gun and was really close, he gave every penny. Another time I was in the woods hunting when I got a text from Austin. It said " hurry up we got a boy that wants to hunt and we have to send my crossbow to him. It shipped that day. He had me stop at a benefit that we were driving by, it was for a six year old boy with juvenile RA. We didn't have his wheelchair so he had me get someone. When the boys dad came to the car I grabbed Austin's wallet and asked him how much? He simply said " all of it." I could go in for hours. He has organized wheelchair basketball games as fundraisers for people he has never met. He is always willing to help anyone he can. Since graduating from high school ( with a 3.78 GPA) he has given 8 complete archery set ups to people. They had a story that touched his heart and he knows how much archery has done for him. Helping people is the only thing he loves more than hunting and shooting. He lives his life the same way he competes. With an unmatched passion, an incredible desire to win, the utmost integrity and a great respect those that have paved the way before him and a hope to inspire everyone he can along his path. When he received some really bad news recently he said "Come on dad we have work to do, we have people to inspire and we don't have time to waste." At the end of the day the greatest thing about all of it is Austin gives all the glory to God. He knows without Him none of this is possible, but with Him all things are. I hope whoever you choose for this award posses some of those same qualities. I wish I had more of them, because there is no one I look up to more than Austin. Thank you for giving him this great honor and I promise it will be always be one you can be proud to give out. Austin exemplifies sportsmanship.

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What a great week its turning out to be! We had an awesome opening day in 068 with our teams! We had some new help this year that are hooked, we are positive they will be back next year! Have a look at our 2017 success!!#nevadaoutdoors #speedygoats #wheelchairhunters ... See MoreSee Less

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