Hunt Journals 2014

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2014 Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs at the TS Ranch

Once again the crisp mornings in August found the Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs at Newmont Mining Corporation’s TS Ranch near Dunphy, NV. This year was a unique experience for NOW in that we had three hunters from three different states and none of which were Nevada. As with every year, we were faced with some challenges. This was our first year to actually fly hunters in to Elko, it was a first for some of our hunters as well! Mr. Jeff Cantrell, had never been aboard an airplane and he would be making the longest flight of them all. The week was highlighted by a trip to Jeff Williams’ gun museum and a great lesson in the history of American firearms.

Our three hunters were all willing to take the challenges as we offered and all of them came out victorious in the end. Thank you each and everyone one of you for allowing us to be part of such a great week in the field, Ms. Amberley Snyder, Mr. Colt Price and your lovely bride Shelby and Jeff “Jeffro” Cantrell and your side kick Kerry White. You all are truly inspiring individuals and we are all honored to be part of the special week when each of you harvested your first North American Pronghorn Antelope!

Ms. Amberley Snyder


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Coming to us alone from Logan, Utah, Amberley Snyder enjoys rodeo. Amberley competes at the college level where she barrel races and is pretty dang good, if we say so ourselves. Amberley can also be found touring around our nation speaking at public venues and inspiring others to get out there and follow your dreams. Amberley was injured when she was ejected from her truck in an rollover accident. Amberley produces a weekly blog called “Wheelchair Wednesday” where she covers things like how she navigates her horse trailer as well as many other processes most able bodied persons take for granted.

Mr. Colt Price


Colt comes from a long line of hunters and landowners in the Santo, Texas area. Colt was accompanied by his Fiancée Shelby, who I must say put a lot of stress on this young man during the hunt. With their wedding just a couple months away, it was noted that Shelby really wanted a pronghorn antelope hanging on the wall of their new home. All kidding aside, Colt is a college student and has huge aspirations and a bright future ahead of him. This will go down as one of the best days ever… 10-4 Colt and Shelby, we will never forget it!!

Jeff “Jeffro” Cantrell


Jeff took his first flight to come see us all the way from Kennesaw, Georgia. Although I wasn’t sure we were going to get him back on the plane to go home after the hunt, all is well and Jeff has experienced a phenomenal year afield. Jeff had applied for the hunts with NOW every opportunity he had for the past several years, we think he wasn’t wearing his lucky hat but who really knows. Well Jeff had his lucky hat on in 2014 and drew one of the tags. Along with Jeff was Kerry White from Georgia. Kerry is involved with a similar hunting opportunity in Alabama that provides deer hunts to individuals with disabilities, so these two were at home in Nevada with NOW, other than the fact that Jeff is a Hurricanes fan but we forgave him for the few days he was here with us.

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