Prior Hunts

2010 Hunt Picture


Joey Jacobson 

Joey is a bright young man whose smile is infectious.  He doesn’t let his wheelchair slow him down, and was thrilled to hear that he had been chosen to hunt.  His brother got a tag that season … but HE got a whole HUNT!!  Everyone in the hunting party was in awe of this young man’s bright outlook as he laughed and joked and soaked in the entire experience.  Have a box of tissues handy as you watch not just Joey’s, but also his DAD’S emotional reaction!

2009 Hunt



Daniel Loftis and Will Carusco

Dan is an avid gun collector with vast ballistic knowledge.  He loves hunting, target practice, and even does competition shooting.  Since his Antelope hunt with us, he’s also bagged a doe Antelope and a four-point Mule and continues to pursue his passion for the outdoors. It’s always a chore to pull Will away from the books.  He takes his life’s situation seriously and knows he needs to buckle down with schoolwork so he can make a lucrative living and take care of himself in the future.  That said, his dad tries every chance he can to get him out to do challenging things.  They even team-rope together, with Will strapped to Dad in the saddle!!!


2008 Hunt–The First Hunt Picture


This hunt holds a special place in our hearts.  Launched on a wing and a prayer, we literally pulled everything together in just a few months with the amazing generosity of a few friends, family, and professional contacts.  Our first hunters did not know what to expect, and we used their input and suggestions to build a truly solid foundation for all our future hunts.  Since then, what has grown from this very simple start amazes us more and more each year.

Jim Duncan


NOW touched Jim’s life in a profound way as he found himself truly inspired by his hunting partner, Larry’s zest for life, and by the new way he found to make use of his own years of  hunting experience.  He continued to volunteer with NOW each year, and expressed more than once how this program gave him something to live for and a purpose greater than himself.  Sadly, Jim passed away in March of 2012.  He was grateful to NOW for getting him out doing what he loved, and for giving him the chance to help others do the same.


Larry Simson Picture

Larry was an avid motorcycle enthusiast who did not let his disability slow him down.  He attached a sidecar to his bike where he would keep his wheelchair while he rode.  He had never hunted before and saw this as a wonderful new adventure, and another of life’s great challenges.  Unfortunately, Larry passed away in 2009, but his family expressed a great appreciation for this awesome experience that he spoke of with enthusiasm and excitement many times.

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