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Located in Dunphy, Nevada, the historic TS Ranch was founded in 1870 by Irish immigrant William Dunphy.  Today, it is owned by Elko Land and Livestock Company (ELLCo), a subsidiary of Newmont Mining Corporation, which is one of the largest gold mining companies in the world. ELLCo and Newmont own the property not only for mining resources, but also for land management and mitigation to support the mining efforts.

The 400,000 acre TS Ranch supports large rangeland livestock operation including irrigated forage crop production and a feedlot. Water removed from the mining operations is utilized for irrigation. Additionally, the ranch is home to the TS Power Plant which in turn generates power for many of the mine’s operations.

The operations at TS Ranch are extensive and include a complete working ranch encompassing cattle and alfalfa production and horse breeding. While the ranch is operated as a business venture, emphasis is placed on the preservation and enhancement of wildlife and its habitat. Preservation and enhancement efforts are underway in their Mule Deer Habitat Reclamation and Cutthroat Trout programs.

Since 2008, TS Ranch has been host to the annual Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs™ hunt. The ranch provides participants with hospitality, amenities and a unique opportunity to see native wildlife in their expansive, natural habitat.

To learn more about the ranch, land stewardship and wildlife visit: TS Ranch

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