Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs's photo.
Meet Timothy Hall, one of the three hunters chosen this year to hunt antelope!

Timothy Hall was born July 31, 1989 in Reno NV, and moved to Hawthorne, NV when he was 2 years old. Hawthorne is where he was raised, fell in love with the outdoors and developed a passion for fishing and Motocross. Tim graduated from High School 2007 and joined the Army in March 2009. Tim was involved in the Army’s basic training until June and then moved into specialized training as a signal support specialist until October 2009. Tim was attached to the 173 Airborne out of Germany in October, arrived in Afghanistan Christmas Day 2009.

In April 2010, Tim came home for a 2 week leave and bought himself his dream motorcycle, a Honda CRF 450. He spent the next few days enjoying the open spaces around Nevada on his new wheels, knowing that he would be back at work in Afghanistan.

Tim was in line at the PX located at FOB Shank getting supplies when a mortar detonated next to him, blowing him back over 20 feet. June 10, 2010 is when his Mom, Tammy got the call that Tim had been injured during active duty. While speaking with the Doctor in Afghanistan he explained to Tammy that he had to amputate both of Tim’s legs due to the trauma he experienced during the incident. Tammy rushed to be with Tim in Germany. When Tammy arrived by her son’s side on June 14th, Tim was in critical condition.

Two days later, on June 16th Tim opened his eyes and said “Hi Mom”, all the doctors and nurses were amazed, the Medical staff didn’t feel Tim had a very good chance of waking up due to the impact he sustained. Over the next couple days Tim began to stabilize and along with his mother was flown back to the states, for more surgeries and rehab at Walter Reed Medical Center.

Tim has experienced over 60 surgeries and well over 325 units of blood. Tim will always have health issues but that has not diminished his lust for life and willingness for adventure, as well as continuing to hunt Tim also competes in off road racing and is currently training for the Vorra Off Road Race, Hawthorne 250 in May 2015.

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